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Archive for May 14th, 2010

@maddow Absolutely, he is Bern…

@maddow Absolutely, he is Bernie! [read more]

@doubled2520 The Dhanapala cli…

@doubled2520 The Dhanapala clip, right? Just to be sure: I spoke with you on the phone this afternoon? [read more]

NPTTV interview with Jean DuPr…

NPTTV interview with Jean DuPreez from CTBTO #npt #ctbto #nptrevcon [read more]

audioBoo: Rob Green fmr UK nuc…

audioBoo: Rob Green fmr UK nuclear navy commander [read more]

audioBoo: Gerard Hulie on Fren…

audioBoo: Gerard Hulie on French peace movement – in French [read more]

audioBoo: Irma Arguello NPSGlo…

audioBoo: Irma Arguello NPSGlobal on view of NPT from South America [read more]

audioBoo: Amb Jayantha Dhanapa…

audioBoo: Amb Jayantha Dhanapala Pugwash report on Npt RevCon [read more]

@audioboo I LOVE AUDIOBOO!

@audioboo I LOVE AUDIOBOO! [read more]

What could we do with 80 Billi…

What could we do with 80 Billion $? 80 Billion better things than nukes [read more]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-14

audioBoo: Cmdr Rob Green UK on the future of UK nuclear weapons # audioBoo: Dr. Kate Dewes DSC on peace education in the UN # audioBoo: Dr. Kate Dewes on the UN SecGen report on peace education # audioBoo: Chris Stone Small Seed Films on Uranium mining in India [read more]

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