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DAY 4 – May 6 – Proving the Model: It Works!

I went to the UN in the afternoon and conducted a number of audio interviews using the Audioboo webcasting app. In the evening, Peace Action held a reception at the NY Quaker House near the UN. I conducted two audio interviews which I uploaded immediately. Regina Pyon from SPARK, an organization from South Korea and Colin [read more]

audioBoo: Colin Archer IPB on …

audioBoo: Colin Archer IPB on the military economy an the global cost of nuclear weapons [read more]

audioBoo: Regina Pyon SPARK on…

audioBoo: Regina Pyon SPARK on the need for a peace treaty in Korea [read more]

audioBoo: Krista van Velzen Du…

audioBoo: Krista van Velzen Dutch Member of Parlement on the need for complete nuclear weapons abolition [read more]

audioBoo: Jay Coghlan Nukewatc…

audioBoo: Jay Coghlan Nukewatch NM on the rebuilding of the US nuclear weapons complex NM [read more]

audioBoo: Claude Thomas Collom…

audioBoo: Claude Thomas Collombier ANS on F rench nuclear arms [read more]

audioBoo: Marylia Kelley TVC o…

audioBoo: Marylia Kelley TVC on Livermore Labs role in new nukes [read more]

audioBoo: Jacob Romer NPT TV o…

audioBoo: Jacob Romer NPT TV on their youth media project [read more]

For new media coverage of the …

For new media coverage of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, check out #npt #nuclearweapons #ctbto [read more]

I am off to the UN to do more …

I am off to the UN to do more audio nuke tweets. Keep your eye out for more… In about an hour or so, they should start! [read more]

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