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DAY 1 – May 3 – Watching the UN Webcast

I didn’t go to the UN today. People were tweeting that they were standing in line for 4 – 6 hours for passes to the UN. Because I have Errol, my 13 month old, here with me, I don’t have the luxury of standing in line for such a long time. So, I watched the opening [read more]

Watching US Secretary of State…

Watching US Secretary of State Clinton speaking today at the NPT. All the webcasts are available at [read more]

Check out http://www.nuketweet…

Check out [read more]

The NPT Review Conference meet…

The NPT Review Conference meeting has adjourned for the day. It will begin tomorrow morning. You can go to for the schedule. [read more]

Indonesia just announced that …

Indonesia just announced that they are going to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. [read more]

Watch the NPT Review Conferenc…

Watch the NPT Review Conference at [read more]

The next session of the NPT Re…

The next session of the NPT Review Conference will start in 30 minute. Watch it at #npt #iran #nuclearweapons [read more]

Visit for vi…

Visit for video reports from diplomats, activists, and others from the 2010 NPT Review Conference. [read more]

Don’t forget that an excellent…

Don’t forget that an excellent resource for information on the NPT is,. [read more]

The first session of the 2010 …

The first session of the 2010 NPT Review Conference is adjourned. The next meeting will start promptly at 3 pm (GMT-5). #nuketweets #npt [read more]

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