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What is Nuke Tweets?

New Media reporting on
the 2010 Review Conference of
the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Nuke Tweets is collecting interviews with attendees to the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference,
and making them available in real time via a service called AudioBoo.


This project depends on your help through Retweeting and through Donating!

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Thank you! Together we will get rid of nuclear weapons!

Proving The Model

This past month has been a whirlwind, but the model has been successful!

I have used the IPod Touch and an online audio service, called AudioBoo to record, and immediately upload, interviews with people attending the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. automatically feeds a Twitter page, a Facebook page, a Tumblr page and this page for

I have easily recorded dozens of short audio interviews using the iPod Touch and the Audioboo system. Much to the amazement of all who see it, I have been able to upload the interviews within seconds of completion of the interview. It's truly a feat of engineering and imagination coming together!

CTBTO Exhibition at UN

CLICK HERE to listen to the opening of the CTBTO Exhibition at the UN, May 5, 2010. The audio volume increases shortly into the file.

The impressive and informative CTBTO Exhibition: Putting an end to nuclear explosions opened on May 5, 2010. The opening reception featured guest speakers: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN Messenger of Peace Michael Douglas, among others.

In keeping with the optimism of the evening, the Indonesian government reiterated its intention to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban.

UN Secretary General Keynote at Riverside Church

CLICK HERE to listen to the UN Secretary General's Keynote Address.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon spoke passionately and eloquently, at the Riverside Church in New York City on May 1, 2010, on the topic of the imperative for nuclear disarmament. His keynote address was part of an amazingly successful international conference on a nuclear free, peaceful, just and sustainable world.

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